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"Enhance the beauty of your soul with precious art"'

Discover The Latest Artwork 

I am currently working with acrylic and mixed media using painting/palette knives together with brushes. I write in my own style. This is a multi-layered paint overlay. Each subsequent coat of paint falls on the painting after complete drying. Thus, the painting is obtained with a large number of shades and color combinations. This makes painting with a rich texture, with rich color and the desire to peer into every sentiment.


About The Artist

Artist Statement

Here, I am infinite. The boundaries of self dissolve, and I become a conduit for universal magic. The brush becomes a wand, and the canvas -an altar. I offer my souls's palette to the gods of creation, and they bless me with artistry and wonder.

                       -Arlia-Hamda Elmi

Art Collections

I believe that my art collection speaks to the hearts of all people, carrying a universal and timeless message of compassion and peace. This message transcends boundaries and unites us in a shared vision of kindness and respect for all humankind. My art reshapes the concept of love into something universal that speaks to the importance of kindness, compassion, and peace. I hope that my collection inspires love and respect for all humankind.

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Sea And Cityscape Paintings

"The Sea and Cityscape" paintings are an invitation for the viewers to the uncontainable force of nature. Whether it is to reflect upon the calming sound of waves or the exhilaration of a storm, the unstoppable resonates with anyone who has ever been captivated by the enchanting and enigmatic beauty of the flow of time and sea.

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Female Butterfly Effect Paintings

"The Female Butterfly Effect" paintings usually depict the stunning impact of women's chaotic nature and the concept of feminine beauty that manifests in distinct ways. As an artist, when I observe a butterfly, I see a woman - vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and graceful movements that reflect the essence of femini


Universal Explosion Paintings

"The Universal Explosion" paintings depict the Big Bang, showcasing a dynamic and chaotic scene. They may feature vibrant bursts of light, swirling cosmic clouds, and expansive, evolving forms that represent the birth of the cosmos. The colors used may range from intense blues and purples to fiery reds and yellows, effectively capturing the energy and magnitude of this transformative event.

Exhibtions & Fairs 

"I have been fortunate enough to showcase my artwork in various charming and prestigious locations, including Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, and Finland. Each exhibition has a unique character, and it influences not just my art but also the world. Painting takes me on a journey of exploration and helps me discover hidden worlds, like an alternate universe. I find it fascinating to see the diverse landscapes and architecture throughout Italy."

My Atelier


My Atelier - a sanctuary where hues dance and emotions intertwine. Within these walls, is where you can find your soul and even more. This is the reflection on my mind, love colors and I can't imagine my life without them. I love painting because it's just so relaxing for me and feel like I'm able to connect with a higher connection and just a spirituality I'm also very inspired by the Universe and my dreams and bringing those into reality capturing them on a canvas I think must it's just one of the amazing things to be able to take what's in your imagination and bring it on to a canvas. When I'm painting I just feel I'm so free and I'm able to escape into another world I lose track of time and it's just one of my favorite places to be in my Atelier.

Simonetta Turco Art Collecter, Italy

“If I could rate this 10 stars, I would in a heart bit! I am extremely proud owner of seven paintings from different collections. Every painting is unique and different, but they all have that vibrantly vivid colors. They are my light and joy and I feel I live in a magic dreamly world."

Helena"Hellu" Job, Tattoo Artist,

"I am the proud owner of one of the paintings from the Female Butterfly Effect Collection. The artwork truly reflects the artist's personality through its vibrantly vivid colors. Looking at the painting feels like stepping into a dream. It's refreshing to gaze upon and takes you on a journey to a dreamy world, allowing you to forget the daily hustle and bustle." 

Bryn Jones Musician, England

Ring On Fire.jpg
"I have two paintings by Arlia-Hamda on my walls: "Ring Of Fire" and "Sunset On The Sea". "Ring Of Fire" is a vibrant explosion of colors, while "Sunset On The Sea" is a more subtle melting pot. Both paintings depict the ocean, and being a sea-lover, I can easily get lost in them, riding the waves."

Are You An Art Collector?

We collect art and become curators of wonder. Each stroke of the brush whispers secrets across time, guiding us through realms of color and emotion. Addiction blooms like a rare orchid, as we pursue masterpieces that brush against our souls. We cherish every piece, hang them on our walls and create constellations of memory. Artifacts of our hearts surround us, their colors, textures, and echoes of infinity. In art's embrace, we find meaning, richness, and the promise of passion.

-Arlia-Hamda Elmi

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