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Arlia-Hamda Elmi

Abstract Impressionist Artist

 Hi, I’m Arlia-Hamda.



As an Abstract Expressionist artist, I bring life to my canvas through bold strokes and vivid colors. Born in Somalia, East Africa. And I live in Helsinki with its blend of modernists and nature must provided a rich backdrop of my creative process. At the age 16 I emigrated to Finland alone. The Nordic landscape with their contrasts and serene stillness influenced my artistic vision. The fusion of fashion, design and art in my life reflects the interconnectedness of those realm -a harmonious blend of aesthetician's and expression.


Since the age of four I have wielded my brush like a magic wand' conjuring stories and emotions onto canvas. And 1995 the year I stepped into the world of Fine Art -marks the beginning of a lifelong dialogue between me and my creations. Each stroke whippers secrets, each color sing a song. My artistic journey continue to evolve weaving threads of passion, culture and discovery. As I paint I remember that my canvas in a mirror reflecting not only my experience but also the human experience  a- universal language that transcends borders and speaks to the soul.

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